A postgraduate student from Vietnam defended her thesis at TSU

A graduate student of the Faculty of Philology Hoang Thi Hong Trang became the first student from Vietnam to defend her thesis at Tomsk State University. She analyzed the names of Moscow cafes, restaurants, snack bars, bars, and other public catering under the guidance of Galina Starikova, associate professor at Faculty of Philology. Members of the council voted for the award of a degree.

– The study was devoted to the study of the names of food establishments in Moscow, namely, ergonyms – these are the names of business associations of people: firms, pharmacies, shops, and others. For a short period in Russia, about 40 theses have been defended on the basis of ergonyms, said Galina Starikova.

Hoang Thi Hong Trang has analyzed 7,000 names of Moscow caterings. She for the first time described the nomenclatures of public catering. She made a list of more than 300 units, which in addition to the usual cafes, restaurants, snack bars, and bars included humus, falafel, diner, doner cafes, and others.

– Now public catering is not just a food point, but also a club, museum, and concert venue. In this regard, in addition to the main qualifier, there are two types of clarifications: names-identifiers –“home-style café”, “family restaurant” and various kinds of identifiers that indicate, for example, the type of cuisine – teahouse, tavern, location – Loft or Lobby Cafe, – added Galina Starikova.

Hoang Thi Hong Trang showed that the nomenclature of the type of institution correlates with the actual name. If this is a tavern, then the name is associated with Ukrainian themes. If it is a steakhouse, then the name is associated with meat and the United States.

After graduating from graduate school Hoang Thi Hong Trang will go to teach Russian at Ho Chi Minh City Pedagogical University. This is one of the best pedagogical universities in Vietnam, where Russian Studies is fairly well represented – there are about 400 students in the Russian language department.