Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Decision Science

Artificial intelligence (AI) and decision science (neurolinguistics analysis, mathematical solutions in the face of information gaps).

Main research directions

  • Experimental studying role of motor and corporal experience in language stimulation processing, influence of perception on conceptualization on the mother and non-mother tongue.
  • Cognitive analysis of grammar and vocabulary in Russian as mother and non-mother tongue (on different levels of bilingualism) including difficult formal and semantic structures.
  • Influence of lexical and morphologic particularity of linguistic units on cognitive process of perception, conceptualization, and parametrization.
  • Cross-cultural studying of idioethnic Russian singularity depending on perception, categorization and different types of bilingualism.
  • Studying of age, gender and sociocultural distinctions and their influence on language origination and elaboration.
  • Math modelling of linguistic and cognitive processing of language stimulation.
  • Software elaboration accompanying psycholinguistic experiments.
  • Formation of data bases for psycholinguistic experiments and linguistically divided parts of texts.


Development of national high-tech and software tool set for implementation of control systems for technological processes on the basis of free software (Government Decree №218).

Head of the project: Alexander Zamyatin, Doctor of Technical Sciences, head of ERC Computer Science and Technology, born in 1978

The main partner – EleSy Company

Experimental study of forms and methods of language – cognition interinfluence

Coordinator: Zoya Rezanova, Doctor of Sciences in Philology, professor of the Faculty of Philology


Application fields

  • Understanding interinfluence of linguistic and cognitive mechanisms on different stages of speech development, mother and non-mother tongue knowledge allows us to improve teaching of languages and to update communicative practice in significant fields including political, interethnic and professional communications.
  • Math modelling of linguistic and cognitive elaboration of language and speech is a basis for improving automatic processing of texts.