Congratulations from the Rector on the New Year

Dear colleagues and university staff!

Today I want to use the opportunity and once again congratulate everyone on the last anniversary of our beloved university. This entire year was marked by the 140th anniversary, our rich history and ambitious plans for the future.

And in this regard, I want to wish TSU – and to all of us – not only to maintain the same strong positions but also to continuously improve them without losing quality.

We are spending a very busy year in which there were events dedicated to the TSU 140thanniversary, serious scientific work, and educational innovations. In the outgoing 2018, the university found new strong partners with whom I hope to implement very important projects that will improve our life and the life of humanity in general. And our plans for the next year are no less ambitious.

This winter, the University Grove is decorated in the style of the Winter Universiade, and I invite you to spend the holidays very actively. Rest, walk, and spend time with your family. Happy New Year!