TSU’s StrAUs

A Strategic Academic Unit (StrAU) of Tomsk State University is a consortium of university departments.

The activities of a TSU StrAU are aimed to establish a research, education, and innovation center of an international standard that assures training for competitive specialists to carry out a range of scientific projects and innovations in the selected breakthrough StrAU areas.

Tomsk State University is focused on research on the welfare of the whole society as well as individual people in connection with a new industrial revolution that is changing the economic landscape (on-demand economy), society structure (digitalization, stratification, and inequality) and global humanity welfare.

The purpose of creating the StrAU Institute of the Human of the Digital Era is research, human resourcing, and technological support for the individual and societal transformation processes in the transition to a new industrial order.

The basic activity areas of the StrAU Institute of the Human of the Digital Era are based on an evaluation of TSU’s potential and the results of a science and technology foresight:

  • Problems of the society in the context of current humanistic and technological challenges and political processes. The study is performed at the intersection of social, natural, and technological sciences, including big data analysis;
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and decision science (neurolinguistics analysis, mathematical solutions in the face of information gaps);
  • Digital Humanities issues devoted to the heritage and preservation of digital documents, and social robotics research;
  • Human development and education in a digital society. This area involves research on the modern social, psychological, neurophysiological, and genetic factors, as well as longitudinal cross-cultural genetically informative research in human development;
  • E-learning, and integration and promotion of knowledge about humans and society.

StrAU IHDE’s major objectives in relation to the global research and education agenda:

  • Establish an interdisciplinary research and education center with an outlook for world-leading positions in innovative methods of data analysis and machine learning, and in studying the impact of social relations between people in creating rational economic and social solutions.
  • Develop a range of technologies aimed at leveraging talent and academic performance in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) based on current research on the success factors in these fields and integrate these technologies into education.
  • Join not less than 20 leading international research and education organizations into a multinational collaboration under the umbrella of TSU and with it, achieve a leading position in multidisciplinary research of biological, psychological, and social factors of an early childhood development and diverse aspects of integrating this knowledge and achieve leading positions in two multinational collaborations.