The Creative Industries Forum – 2018. Master student of the institute will act as a speaker (May 11, 2018)

From May 10 to May 12, in the “Boiling Point” an annual Forum will be held dedicated to the development of creative industries in Siberia.


The forum aims is to integrate creative, original, innovative, administrative resources to produce a creative community, create new professional teams and develop new competitive products (innovative, original, creative).


As a speaker, Vitaly Kovalenko, a master student of the Institute of Human Digital Era (Master’s program “Digital Technologies in Social Humanitarian Practices”) whoes currents research is based on producing a game aimed at identifying the competencies of university employees. Vitaly will deliver a lecture  “Computer business games as a means of corporate training ” on 11th of May at 12:50 at the workshop “Developing a game for future entrepreneurs ”.


Meeting place: Boiling Point, Lenin Ave. 26.