Institute of the Human of the Digital Era is at a main professional IT conference of the Far East (October 5 to 6)

The main professional IT conference of the Far East “Russky MeetUp” is taking place October 5 to 6 in Vladivostok. The Academic office manager Valeria Titova is participating in the conference.

The conference inсludes a highly topical programme: more than 60 sections, those of IT, marketing and business. Lectures, seminars and workshops on VR, AR and GameDev, Progressive Web Applications, cybersecurity, machine learning by Nvidia, crowdfunding; competitions in cybersport, conference of developers VLDC, Kaspersky CyberDay and much more will be held in conjunction with the “Russky MeetUp”.

Valeria Titova fully involved in the working environment, got to know the activities of the Digital Economic School of the Far East Federal University and new directions for the development of the university.