Digital Humanities

Development of Digital Humanities devoted to the preservation of heritage and digital documents, and social robotics research.

Studying the mechanisms of digital document management and security and personal cloud services; development of the personal digital archive model and of digital projects for the sociocultural sphere, including the projects on social robotics.


Humanities in the Digital Age: From Sectoral Informatics to Digital Humanities: analysis of research fields and developments in the area of Digital Humanities using data from 430 Russian and international centers.

Head of the project: Galina Mozhaeva, Head of the Department of Humanitarian Problems for Informatics.

Research on the interdisciplinary scientific basis of social robotics in the context of humanistic informatics (RFBR) (in Russian): rresearch on the interface of human–robot interaction and on human perception of robot behavior.

Head of the project: Nadezhda Zilberman, Associate Professor of the Department of Humanitarian Problems for Informatics.