Academic D.I. Mendeleev Fund Calls for Grant Proposals

Proposals on the following directions and scientific areas are welcome:

  • Mathematics, informatics and system sciences;
  • Physics and sciences about space;
  • Chemistry and material sciences;
  • Engineering sciences;
  • Biology and Life sciences;
  • Fundamental research in medicine and psychology;
  • Earth science and ecology;
  • Humanities and art;
  • Social sciences;
  • Interdisciplinary research.

We are waiting for your proposals February, 20 – March, 20, 2017.

The results will be announced on the 14th of April, 2017

Laboratory Research projects

The projects should consider the topics of one of the TSU interdisciplinary strategic academic units (StrAU): Institute of Biomedicine (IB), Institute of the Human of the Digital Era (IHDE), Institute of Smart Materials and Technology (SMTI), and TSSW: Siberian Institute of the Future (SIF) and aim at developing research in the priority scientific fields at TSU.

Initiative research projects

The call is for TSU instructors and academic staff.

Please contact these people if you have any questions:

Ildyakova Natalia Valerievna, tel. 529-879, e-mail

Kulmanakova Lyubov Alexandrovna, tel. 534-242, e-mail