TSU Hosted a Discussion Concerning the Regional Path of Innovative Development

Authorities from universities, academic institutions, high tech industries and regional departments have discussed the results of the rankings prepared by the Association of innovative regions of Russia (hereafter AIRR) and the role of Tomsk region in an innovative development of the country.

The event has been organized by the Tomsk Legislative Duma Commission on Strategic Development, Science, Higher Education and Innovational Activity, the Expert Council organized by the vice governor dealing with research and education, innovation policy, and the Tomsk consortium of research and educational organizations.

According to the ranking of regional innovative systems by Higher School of Economics, Tomsk region is at the 7th place in the country’s innovative economy. At the same time, Tomsk ranks the 4th at the AIRR list, so we are among the best 10 regions, which is good. But as Viktor Kress, a member of the the Council of the Federation (Russia), stated, our position could have been higher. Unfortunately, the ranking doesn’t include all the indicators characterizing innovative development of the Russian regions.