TSU Hackers Entered 10 Best at an International Competition

TSU team SiBears is among 10 best at an international hacking competition iCTF 2017 that joined 300 student and professional teams from all over the world. In overall Tomsk hackers achieved the 8th place, and the 3rd place among Russian participants (Moscow State University select team and professional team LC\BC scored higher).

iCTF is a prestigious international competition on information defense. Starting from 2005 it has been organized by University of California, Santa Barbara. Its model is Capture The Flag. The participants should define the protection vulnerability in the services, create attacking programs (exploits) for them and attack the competitors using these programs.

Earlier iCTF had been held only for students, but this year the participation restrictions have been removed. The teams could play for 8 hours as students and for a day.