The results of the competitions of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation for the 2017/2018 academic year are summed up

The Expert Council has summed up the results of the two contests of the Vladimir Potanin Scholarship Program: a competition to receive a nominal scholarship for master students and a competition of grants receiving for master program’s teachers. Contests were organized in two rounds. 500 winners are named.


Congratulations on the victory in the competition for our master studenst: Olga Nazarova and Nikita Chernov, students of the AMP “Humanitarian Informatics”, Alexander Zdorovets, student of the AMP “Computer Linguistics”.

Competition for grants for graduate teachers is held for teachers of master’s disciplines. Out of 941 applications admitted to the competition, 100 teachers became winners. Among them, Zamyatin Alexander Vladimirovich, director of the center of computer science and technology, head of the department of the theoretical foundations of computer science IPMC, head of AMP “Intelligent analysis of big data.”

We wish you further success and new victories!