TSU for the first time entered THE on Social Sciences and Education

The British edition of Times Higher Education (THE) has published the rankings of leading universities in the world in the subject areas of Education and Social Sciences. TSU for the first time has entered these lists, enter the top 400 and top 500, respectively.

The Education Subject Ranking accounts the achievements of the university in advanced training and academic research of the education system. TSU, with KFU and MSU, entered the top three of the strongest Russian universities, which fell into this subject ranking. Among the world universities TSU takes a position in the group 301-400.

– Modern technologies in education today are one of the priorities for the development of the university, it is not by chance that the Advanced Learning Institute has been established at TSU, – said TSU Rector Eduard Galazhinskiy. – In this area, very powerful transformations are currently underway: completely new tools are emerging, for example, big data analysis in education, which we are actively using at TSU. So such results are a regular movement of the university towards the realization of priorities.

Social Sciences Subject Ranking takes into account the achievements of the university in geography, sociology, political science and international relations, and communications and media. In this group, TSU took the position of 401-500. In total, six Russian universities were ranked here: HSE, KFU, MSU, TSU, SPBU, and UrFU.

– This is, on the one hand, the result of the transformation of the entire university, and on the other, it is the merit of the TSU team. I want to thank all the participants of this process, taking into account what intense rhythm they have to live and work, – the Rector comments. – I note that the Higher School of Journalism takes an active part in promoting the university – by promoting partners and at the expense of a large event series. We are reliant on the renovated Faculty of History, which was joined by political scientists.